Alpine Coaster


Alpine Coaster

Cost: 1.7M Euros

Length: 1473m

Drop: 180m

Payback Time: 7yrs



An Alpine coaster is an all year mountain visitor attraction, which offers a great summer activity, and an additional incentive to visit when winter conditions are poor. Payback time based on 100 rides a day (Cairngorm Mountain already gets over 600 funicular and snow sports visitors a day).



Mountain Bike Park


Mountain Bike Park

Length: 6km as 3x 2k intersecting trails

Cost £390,000

Payback Time: 6 years

Downhill bike park consisting of multiple intersecting downhill trails with funicular uplift. A bike park brings more active summer visitors to Cairngorm, and more employment: brilliant! Building 3 downhill trails in the already busy Coire Cas would take some planning, but we believe it can be done in a sympathetic way, and could add some great features for the winter.


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