We are today changing our "Associate Member" membership category to "Friend of Aviemore and Glenmore Community Trust".  There are no practical effects to this change, we still value your input and support just as much as before, and there has been no change to voting rights.

The reason we have to do this is due to a strange clause in our Articles of Association which limits associate membership to 25% of total membership, meaning we may have to limit numbers of supporters outside of PH22 and we don't want to do that.  The Articles of Association we have come directly from the Scottish Government and guarantees we meet the criteria for community right to buy and community asset transfer. It is possible to amend our articles of association but it adds another complication to our transfer request for no real benefit.

Congratulations if you read this far! and thanks for your support.

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Super exciting news!!!!

We are up to 400 members and rising fast, great to see the passion to help take ownership and direction for our ski area.

As a first step to ownership we have to prove membership from the community and a community right to buy would require 10% of the community, there are just over 3000 eligible voters in Aviemore. We are going for a similar community empowerment option called an asset transfer which doesn't even require 10% but we believe we must aim for higher.

Good work community 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 membership is free and open to everyone.

Our ultimate goal in simple terms is to protect and enhance our ski area for present and future generations

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Aviemore and Glenmore Community Trust is now open for membership! If you think Cairngorm Mountain can be managed more effectively for visitors, employees, the community, walkers, skiers, etc, please join our trust, and ask your parents, children, friends and colleagues to do the same!

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Trust director Mike Dearman will be on BBC Scotland's Landward on 23rd October, talking about the bid to take Cairngorm into community ownership