Alpine Coaster


Alpine Coaster

Cost: 1.7M Euros

Length: 1473m

Drop: 180m

Payback Time: 7yrs

Snow Factory


Snow Factory

Cost: 750,000 EUR

Snow Production: 210m3 Snow / day

Running Costs: ~£500 / day (when in use)

Payback Time: 4 years 

The moment you’ve been waiting for…. Over the next few days we will be revealing our vision of what is possible at Cairngorm Mountain in preparation for our open day next week.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Come and see us next Tuesday between 2pm and 8pm in the Caingorm Hotel, Aviemore.

AGCT is a community organisation, we hope you like our vision, but if you don’t, get involved and tell us!

Among our plans we have:

Snowmaking, Fencing, Hydro schemes, New Lifts!!!!, Mountain Biking, an Alpine Coaster, More Events, Ticketing Improvements, Parking Improvements, Habitat Restoration & Mountain Paths

The trusts aims:

• To secure the future of Cairngorm Mountain and make it a sustainable all year round destination for the benefit of employees, visitors and the community.
• To improve and enhance all Snowsports facilities with the aim of helping our unique Snowsports Culture survive and further develop.

Like what you hear? Join Us

We are today changing our "Associate Member" membership category to "Friend of Aviemore and Glenmore Community Trust".  There are no practical effects to this change, we still value your input and support just as much as before, and there has been no change to voting rights.

The reason we have to do this is due to a strange clause in our Articles of Association which limits associate membership to 25% of total membership, meaning we may have to limit numbers of supporters outside of PH22 and we don't want to do that.  The Articles of Association we have come directly from the Scottish Government and guarantees we meet the criteria for community right to buy and community asset transfer. It is possible to amend our articles of association but it adds another complication to our transfer request for no real benefit.

Congratulations if you read this far! and thanks for your support.