The trust is holding a fund raising evening to raise funds:


It will be a fun night....entertaining you.....feeding you and surreptitiously emptying your pockets. There will be stalls, games and information on our vision and progress and the Trust Directors will all be on hand to answer any questions while selling you raffle tickets. Tickets for the event will be £25 per head but because of the size of the venue we have had to limit them to 100 and feel that the only fair way to sell them is 'first come, first served'.

Tickets available from Macduis from NOW!

Thanks for your support.

Euan McIlwraith interviews trust directors Mike Dearman and Mike Gale, starting at 35mins:

BBC iPlayer : Out of Doors 07/10/2017


What an exciting two weeks we've had. Thank you everybody for your support. You've raised £2000 in 5 days and now we are up past £2500. Every penny helps us to create a stronger case to take Cairngorm Mountain into Community Ownership so the fund is still open. We have been very busy behind the scenes, incorporating the trust, MANY meetings with different agencies, answering questions, and creating plans and publicity materials. We are going to open up the trust for membership very soon, and we are planning an open day in early November. watch this space!


A community buy-out is a huge administrative exercise which involves 1000's of man hours of work. All of the directors of the trust are giving their time for free, but we are looking for donations to assist in the administration and marketing of the bid, if you are able to help out please click on the link below:-